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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the government's principal agency responsible for advancing of the nation’s medical research; primarily, by managing and dispensing of Congress’s appropriation for biomedical research projects of over $30.9 billion annually (fiscal year 2012).  The majority of NIH's funding is awarded through competitive research grants to individual researchers, via peer‑review of grant applications and according to their recommendation. The grants are dispensed and managed by the NIH grants' management units.  http://nih.gov/about/budget.htm 




I am Nurit Kalderon, Ph.D., a neuroscientist conducting research on the cellular response and mechanisms following injury to the spinal cord. Based on this research, I had developed promising therapies for the treatment of spinal cord injury. Since August 2000 I have been the principal investigator on an NIH grant, R01 NS039375, that was awarded to me by the NIH, at over $2.3 million, to continue and develop these therapies for clinical trials.
The funded project yielded an effective treatment that has been ready for testing in clinical trials since early 2007.

I am also, under duress, a
whistleblower. The whistleblower complaints about fraud and malfeasance since March 2006 are related to my NIH research grant. The promising funded research was stopped dead in its tracks when corrupt grant administrators Offenders in early 2006, instead of transferring to a new institution misused my NIH grant's funds for purposes prohibited by law and closed out the research project.   Consequently, since April 2006 I do not have access to my grant's funds and in retaliation my scientific career was ravaged by these Offenders. These issues are presented and discussed according to the topics listed below.

The Corrupt NIH Actors Diverting Research Funds in Support of their Unauthorized Enterprise

NIH Director Willfully Deceived Congress Regarding Fraud and Abuse at NIH

Retaliation Against the Whistleblower and the Cover-Up of the Fraud

Request for Your Support to Expose the Corruption & Reinstate my Scientific Career


The Corrupt NIH Actors Diverting Research Funds in Support of their Unauthorized Enterprise

My objective here is to expose and bring into the public court a specific group of corrupt NIH grant dispensing administrators —listed hereCorrupt Actors— that operates within the Grant Management Branch (GMB) at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). Instead of advancing the NIH mission these administrators divert the NIH grant funds to support personal projects unauthorized by law.
Specifically, these corrupt actors —as of April 7, 2006— when my grant was in transition between grantee institutions— instead of transferring misused and abused my NIH grant funds in the sum of $203,132.00 —sum of an average grant; deliberately and without authority discontinued the funded research project by closing out my NIH grant; using intimidation and harassment prevented, for more than a year, the transfer of my grant and research project to NYU (New York University); and altogether, engaged in fraudulent bookkeeping, abuse of power and obstruction of due process perpetrated in covering up their fraud and malfeasance

Altogether, these administrators having discontinued the funded research, each one of them is personally accountable to the spinal cord injured individuals who have  been deprived by their corrupt actions of a promising cure. 

NIH Director Willfully Deceived Congress Regarding Complaints of Financial Fraud and Abuse at NIH

Congress being concerned about mismanagement of research grant funds at the NIH added in its NIH Reform Act of 2006 a new section entitled "Annual Reporting to Prevent Fraud and Abuse" which requires the Director of the NIH to report to Congress on an annual basis about each of the pending whistleblower complaints of financial fraud of NIH funds. 

Deplorably, the NIH Director's Reports to Congress for the years 2007–2009 have been misleading and downright deceitful.  Specifically —as documented in the Open Letter from a Whistleblower to the Director of NIH posted herewhen I raised concerns of financial fraud and misuse of my NIH grant funds, these unlawful activities were not stopped.  Rather, I became a target for retaliation by the Offenders —my research project and career have been ravaged— and the Director's Reports to Congress flagrantly and illicitly concealed my whistleblower complaints. This, per policy of the Director's Office which deliberately excludes complaints made by the recipients of NIH grants.

Retaliation Against the Whistleblower and the Cover-Up of the Fraud

I am currently unemployed and unemployable due to the fraudulent and retaliatory actions of the corrupt NIH administrators am also, since April 2006, prevented from accessing my grant funds and from performing my funded research project, and am permanently deprived of receiving federal grants and reinstating my laboratory and research to cure paralysis due to spinal cord injury.

Most devastating, the attempts of the Grants Compliance & Oversight Division at NIH, from June 2007 through February 2008, to stop the abuse and fraud, retrieve the misused funds and reinstate my research project at NYU were deliberately derailed —with the knowledge, approval and/or acquiescence of the upper echelons at the Office of the Director— by the corrupt actors, Offenders.

On November 3, 2008 I filed a complaint in federal court against these corrupt financial administrators and their collaborators, for depriving me of present and future employment; destroying of my professional career and reputation;  and retaliating against me for having petitioned for redress of grievances for violating my constitutional and civil rights and the Privacy Act provisions.  To add insult to injury, in June 2009 these individuals moved to dismiss my complaint, and in support of their motion they also lied to the courts with the help and knowledge of the Justice Department. Currently, the case is pending appeal at the US Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit.

Request for Your Support to Expose and Publicize the Corruption and Reinstate my Scientific Career

It is time you stop the fraud and abuse of public funds, eradicate the deception and corruption at the NIH and act to reinstate the promising research project to cure paralysis due to spinal injury.

Ask for Action by Congress Four Congress Committees are the statutory recipients of the NIH Director's Reports of Whistleblower's Complaints. Copies of my Open Letter from a Whistleblower to the Director of NIH were sent to the chairmen and ranking members of these Committees, to: Senators Tom Harkin, Michael B. Enzi, Daniel K. Inouye, and Thad Cochran; and U.S. Representatives Fred Upton, Henry Waxman, Harold Rogers, and Norman D. Dicks.

If you would like to help stop the fraud of NIH funds dedicated for biomedical research, you can do so by urging these Congress' members to conduct an investigation into the misleading and deceitful the NIH Director's reports. Their contact and my cover letter are attached here.

FOIA RequestEstablishing full transparency is the most important step towards exposing the fraud and corruption at NIH and winning my Court case against the offenders.  Once full transparency of the NIH actions in relation to my grant is established —by obtaining a complete record of the subject grant— it will become possible to remove the corrupt actors from the system and reinstate my research to cure paralysis.

If you would like to know the fate of your tax money and at the same time also help my case, please file the attached Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for specific financial information which thus far has been blocked.  This request is in WORD format and can be downloaded and emailed to the FOIA Office of the NIH. Multiple requests will force the NIH to provide complete transparency of the administrators’ financial activities.

Donations to the Whistleblower Fund. The past four years of litigations and up-hill battle against corrupt federal officials to restore my scientific career and regain my employment have resulted in astronomical debts.  Contributions to my Whistleblower Fund are very much appreciated.

*Donations from outside the US: unfortunately, due to monetary restrictions —to prevent money laundering— the only route available to transfer -donate- money via credit cards is by opening an account with PayPal [a 'minimally invasive' two-minute process, which is free of charge].

You can email Dr. Kalderon at:
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